Constitution and Bylaws

Nordic Medical Society of Paraplegia (NMSOP)
(Last revision Trondheim 2015)
(Before: Scandinavian Medical Society of Paraplegia)
(revision Reykjavik September 1997)

Definition and object of the society

  1. The name of the society is NORDIC SPINAL CORD SOCIETY (NoSCoS), formerly known as NORDIC MEDICAL SOCIETY of PARAPLEGIA, NMSOP. The new name is appropriate as an umbrella term for the participating countries, i.e. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.
  2.  NoSCoS is an affiliated society to the INTERNATIONAL SPINAL CORD SOCIETY (ISCoS).
  3.  NoSCoS is an association of individuals in the Nordic countries with special interest in the diseases and injuries of the spinal cord.
  4.  The objective of the Society shall be to advance education and promote research into the spinal cord lesion and for this purpose to bring together individuals in different fields who have a common interest in spinal cord lesions so that they may be aided in their joint endeavour to prevent, cure or alleviate these conditions.


  1. Individuals who are actively involved in the management and/or rehabilitation and/or research of persons with spinal cord lesions, shall be eligible for election to membership of the Society.
  2. Each Ordinary Member shall pay an annual membership fee of such an amount as agreed by the General Meeting. The membership fee shall be payable in advance. The membership fee shall be determined at the General Meeting. None payment of the membership fee within twelve months after it is due shall be considered equivalent to resignation.


  1. The Society shall meet every second year. The meeting shall be called the General Meeting. The date of each meeting shall be circulated to all members by the Secretary at least 8 weeks in advance. Extraordinary General Meetings may be held if so desired as decided by the Executive Committee.
  2.  If any Member wishes to put up for discussion at the General Meeting any matters affecting the policy or the Constitution of the Society, he or she should give notice of such a proposal to the Secretary at least 4 weeks before the day of the meeting.
  3. To constitute a quorum at any General Meeting, there shall be present at least thirty of Ordinary Members.  At voting simple majority shall decide. The President has decision right by equal number of votes.
  4.  Any amendments of the Constitution require a two-third majority of members present at any given General Meeting.
  5.  The Ordinary General Meeting shall consist of:
    a) A business part, in which reports and accounts shall be considered and the Officers and Members of the Society shall be elected. A resolution put to the vote at the Meeting shall be decided by the show of hands unless otherwise decided by the Meeting in exceptional circumstances.
    b) A scientific part, in which opportunities shall be given to Members to read papers and show cases or specimens. Members shall forward to the Secretary the titles of communications to be presented at the Meeting by a date agreed by the Council. The Executive Committee may at their discretion choose some subject for general discussion and invite members to be Openers of the Discussion. The Committee may also invite distinguished persons to address the Society.
  6.  Members shall have the privilege of inviting non-members to attend and to take part in the Meeting.
  7.  The Secretary shall record in the Minutes of the Society a short account of the Scientific and Business transaction of each Meeting. The minutes of the Society shall be sent to the Honorary Secretary of the International Spinal Cord Society.

Officers and council

  1. The Executive Committee shall consist of three Members:
    The President, the Secretary and Treasurer alike, and one other member. The president of NoSCoS or another member of the NoSCoS council will have a seat in the ISCoS council, if such one is allocated. The officials shall be elected from the Members at the General Meeting.A representative of the Coming Meeting Organizing Committee may be invited to attend the Executive Committee Meetings, if not already represented in the Committee by election.
  2. There shall be an Advisory Council consisting of the Officers of the Society and seven elected members, so that the Advisory Council consists of ten Members. There shall be at least one member from each of the five Nordic countries. As far as possible the following should be represented in the Council: physician, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, nurse, social worker, psychologist, and consumer.
  3.  The election of all Officers and Council Members shall be at the General Meeting.
  4.  The Officers and the Council Members are elected for four years. The Officers are eligible for re-election for a further period of two years.
  5.  Any person elected as Officer or Council Member may resign his office by notice in writing to the Secretary, and such resignation shall take effect at the next following meeting of the Executive Committee. His place may be filled by the committee until the next Ordinary General Meeting.
  6.  There shall be a full Council meeting at least every second year. The presence of four members of the Council shall be necessary to perform a quorum for the conduction of business at the Council Meeting.
  7.  Any member of the Council may, in writing, appoint another member of the Society, who is approved by the majority of members of Council, to be substitute, to act in his or her place at any Meeting or Council at which the member is unable to attend. Notice of any such proposed substitution should reach the Secretary at least eight weeks before the Council Meeting. Every such substitute shall be entitled to notice of Meeting of Council and to attend and vote there as a member of the Council when the person appointing him is not personally present.  A member of Council may, at any time, in writing revoke the appointment of the deputy nominated by him.