Invitation to General Assembly

Place: Digital General Assembly
Date: September 3rd 2021
Time: 10.00-13.00.
Registration is mandatory, please sign up here, a zoom link will be sent out to all registered participants.

Proposal for revised constitution & bylaws We encourage you to provide comments and feedback before the GA!
NoSCoS financing

To all members of NoSCoS and all leaders Nordic SCI units

Dear colleagues!

The last year has been very special for all of us. We have had to face restrictions both in relation to patient care, education and scientific acitivities. On the part of NoSCoS, we have had to cancel/postpone both the second NASCIR course and, recently, the NoSCoS conference that was scheduled to be held in Stockholm from 1-3 September 2021.

On the other hand, several activities have been going on nonetheless. Both the Executive Committee/Advisory Council and a number of working groups have been working intensively, replacing physical meetings with digital platforms.

General Assembly in digital format on September 3
With the NoSCoS Conference having been postponed to May 2022, the EC/AC would like to invite you to a digital General Assembly on September 3, 2021 from 10:00 – 13:00. Registration is mandatory, please sign upp here. A zoom link will be sent out to all registered participants.

Main points on the agenda for this meeting will be

  • Executive report from the EC/AC for 2019-2021
  • Discussion and decision on the proposed revision of the constitution & bylaws
  • Elections
  • Upcoming NoSCoS conference in Stockholm May 2022
  • Future joint conference together with ISCoS?

You can find the full agenda here.

How to participate in the digital General Assembly?
Strictly formally speaking, NoSCoS membership has so far been defined by participation in (and payment for) the biannual scientific meetings. The EC/AC are proposing a new membership structure with annual membership fees, but this can only be decided during the meeting and become efficient after. Hence, voting rights during the meeting can only be granted to registered participants of the 2019 NoSCoS meeting in Copenhagen. Nonetheless, the EC/AC would like to encourage a broad discussion and would thus like everybody interested in NoSCoS to get engaged, also by providing feedback in written form BEFORE the digital General Assembly. Specifically, we would like the leaders of the Nordic SCI units to get involved and provide us with input, especially on the revised constitution and bylaws.

Please sign up for the general assembly by sending us an email. Registration is mandatory. We encourage everyone with an interest in NoSCoS and SCI in the Nordic countries to participate in the GA, even if you don’t have voting rights.

Review of constitution and bylaws
During the last General Assembly in Copenhagen, the NoSCoS Executive Committee and Advisory Board  (EC/AC) were given the task to review the current constitution and bylaws and propose changes that would support NoSCoS’ transformation from a platform for scientific meetings into a professional organization with a broader scope of activities, a plain membership structure, an effective governing body and a more sound financial basis. To achieve this, two working groups were established within the EC/AC: One focusing on a revision of the constitution and bylaws and one on establishing a more sound financial basis for the society. The proposals of the working groups have now been discussed in the whole EC/AC and we would now like to invite you to provide your feedback and comments. Below, you will find a summary of the key changes. You find the full proposal for revised constitution and bylaws here.

Summary of key changes in the proposal for revised constitution & bylaws:

  • Mission, vision and values of NoSCoS introduced
  • Clearer definition of individual membership
  • Introduction of institutional membership
  • Definition of membership fees
  • Annual meetings (business meeting every year, scientific meeting every two years)
  • Opening for digital participation in society meetings
  • A board of ten including an executive committee consisting of president, vice president, treasurer and secretary
  • A structure for presenting positions open for election eight weeks and candidatures for those positions six weeks before a general meeting
  • Introduction of Professional Networks and Special Interest Groups

The president (Wolfram Antepohl) and secretary/treasurer (Annette Halvorsen) of NoSCoS have been elected until 2021. Both can stand for re-election. If the revised Constitution and Bylaws are accepted, a president, a secretary, a treasurer and a vice president need to be elected. Also, Naja Bøje Casupei’s term of office ends (also she can stand for re-election). Again, provided that the proposed changes are accepted, a new member of the bord needs to be elected (five additional members are elected until 2023). You find a presentation of the candidates for the NoSCoS board here.

We encourage you all to consider candidature for one of the above posts. In order to ensure a process that is as open as possible, we propose that you prepare a short presentation of your candidature, that can be sent out together with the invitation for the General Assembly at least two weeks before the meeting on September 3. Please send your presentation to NoSCoS secretary Annette Halvorsen no later that August 19. Do not hesitate to get in touch with any member of the EC/AC if you have any questions about the positions or working on the EC/AC in general.

Hoping to see many of you (digitally so far) in September

For the NoSCoS EC/AC

Wolfram Antepohl MD, PhD, President (2017-2021)
Dep of Rehabilitation Medicine, University Hospital, Linköping, Sweden