Invitation to the first Nordic Advanced Spinal Cord Injury Course 2018/2019

Dear frieds!
We are happy to invite you to apply for the first Nordic Advanced SCI Rehabilitation course, NASCIR, 2018/2019, starting in Octobre.
NASCIR will add value for experienced professionals in SCI-rehabilitation who want to develop their professional role and competencies further. The foundation of SCI Competence Centre in Gothenburg was timely and helped us to integrate this course with a proper university structure at the University of Gothenburg. The content and format of the course were designed in dialogue with leaders from all Nordic SCI centres and the word cloud below reflects the priorities we received. This course will provide you with great possibilities to look beyond your own context and establish a valuable network. The core of this course is interprofessional teamwork. Therefore, to get the most out of this course; we recommend that you apply together with other team members from your centre – ideally teams of four or five persons. Centre leaders have assured us that they will try hard to make this possible.
Please have a look at the complete invitation.
Greetings from the course team
Berit Brurok, Johanna Wangdell, Line Dalsgaard, Randi Steensgaard & Wolfram Antepohl