Scientific Meetings

NoSCoS has held biannual scientific meetings, rotating between the member countries, since 1989. The NoSCoS General Assembly takes place during the scientific meeting. The meetings are interprofessional and multidisciplinary and aim to deliver state of the art updates on advances in spinal cord injury treatment, ranging from prevention, acute treatment and rehabilitation to curative treatment research and long term care for health and quality of life.

Upcoming Meeting

The 17:th Meeting of NoSCoS
NoSCoS 2021 will be postponed to year 2022. During the last weeks, due to rising numbers of infections, a higher burden on our healthcare systems and uncertainty concerning the progress of vaccinations, it has become obvious that it will be difficult for participants to register for a live conference in September. The organizing committee and NoSCoS EC/AC have carefully considered different options, including a purely digital alternative. When talking to potential participants, we learned that most people value the possibility of face-to-face encounters and networking very much and would prefer a live meeting next year, to a purely digital one at the original date. Hence, we are now looking at possible alternatives in spring 2022 and will soon come up with a new date.

Welcome to NoSCoS 2022 in Stockholm, Sweden!

Previous Meetings

  • ​1989: Gothenburg, Sweden
  • 1991: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 1993: Lahti, Finland
  • 1995: Oslo, Norway
  • 1997: Reykjavik, Iceland
  • 1999: Copenhagen, Denmark – with ISCoS
  • 2001: Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2003: Helsinki, Finland
  • 2005: Bergen, Norway, minutes
  • 2007: Reykjavik, Iceland – with ISCoS, minutes, image gallery
  • 2009: Viborg, Denmark, minutes, image gallery
  • 2011: Gothenburg, Sweden, minutes
  • 2013: Helsinki, Finland, minutes
  • 2015: Trondheim, Norway, minutes
  • 2017: Linköping, Sweden, minutes
  • 2019: Copenhagen, Denmark, minutes