General Meeting

We are inviting all members of our Society to the General Meeting, which will take place during the NoSCoS conference in Helsinki 2024. 


May 23rd 17:45 – 18:45 Finnish time

Agenda NoSCoS General Meeting 2024

1. Election of chair, secretary and two adjustors/voice counters for the meeting

2. Minutes from the 2023 general meeting (link to the minutes)

3. President‘s report

4. Financial report

5. Granting discharge for the NoSCoS board

6. Reports from our Professional Networks & Special Interest groups
– Nordic Network of Spinal Cord Injury Nurses
– NutriNord SCI
– Pediatric SCI Rehabilitation
– A Joint Nordic Program for SCI Professional Education
– Professional Network – Psychologists
– Special Interest Group – Consumer involvement in rehabilitation & research
– Special Interest Group – Neuropathic pain
– Special Interest Group – Spina Bifida
– Status update from NordicSCIR

7. Proposals (link to the Constitution and Bylaws – proposed changes)
– Proposals for revision of NoSCoS constitution & bylaws

8. Membership fee for 2023-2024 (link to the proposal)

9. Elections (link to the List of Candidates)
– Elections president and 3 ordinary board members

10. Presentation of the joint NoSCoS/ISCoS meeting I Gothenburg 2025

11. Any other business

For those who haven’t yet, please sign up for membership, especially if you wish to participate with voting rights. Although membership is free, registration is required.

Meeting documents will be distributed six weeks prior to the meeting to all members. The following positions on the NoSCoS board and executive committee are open for election: President, Secretary and at least two ordinary board members.

Wolfram (president) and Annette (secretary) have been on the board for seven years and cannot be re-elected. The board is especially looking for representation from the Swedish highly specialized units. We are also looking for new representatives from Finland and Norway. Physicians are the profession we are most in need of. Please announce your candidature before April 7th to

Hope to see you in Helsinki on May 23rd

Meeting minutes from NoSCoS general meeting 2024

– Meeting minutes GM 2024

Meeting minutes from previous NoSCoS general meeting

Minutes GA 2021-09-03
Minutes GE 2022-05-04
– Meeting minutes GM 2023, Attachment 1 Meeting minutes GM 2023

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