NutriNord_SCI is a Nordic, multidisciplinary network for health-professionals. Our goal is to spread knowledge based information on nutritional needs and weight management in all phases of SCI rehabilitation. NutriNord was established at the NoSCoS meeting in Linköping, Sweden, 2017.

The last years we have held workshops for health professionals, consumers and others, at the Nordic spinal cord society meetings (NoSCoS) every second year. Here, we discuss challenges, practical approaches, and share education materials in the field of nutrition and SCI. We are a non-profit volunteer network, with core members from the Nordic countries, with digital meetings 2-4 times pr year. Everyone who is curious and/or wants to participate in NutriNord’s work is welcome to contact/join us.

Feel free to download this poster as a pdf, size A2.

The brochure is available in several languages. For more information go to Spinalis webpage.

The folder in English.
The folder in Danish.
The folder in Norwegian.
The folder in Icelandic.
The folder in Swedish.
The folder in Finnish.

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Hanne Björg Slettahjell (chair), Norway

Clinical dietitian and professional leader of Nutrition at Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital,
Norway, in a combined clinical/research position. Hanne is currently a PhD candidate at
Sunnaas/University of Oslo (institute of medical sciences), and studies changes in nutritional
status from the acute phase to the first year after a traumatic spinal cord injury.