Pediatric SCI rehabilitation

The aim of this group is to establish a multidisciplinary collaboration and a forum for team members to discuss, and generate knowledge regarding rehabilitation of the pediatric population with spinal cord injury. This group for all healthcare professionals (PT, OT, Social worker, psychologist, nurse, physicians and others) interested in and taking part in SCI-rehabilitation of children and adolescents.

The goals for the coming years are to facilitate international cooperation, increase knowledge on pediatric SCI, encourage research, and create a regular Nordic cooperation including further development of the pediatric section of Nordic SCIR.

Per Ertzgaard, Sweden               
Rikke Middelhede Hansen, Denmark
Mona Ström, Norway               

All of you interested in pediatric SCI rehabilitation are welcome to mail Per Ertzgaard to be included in relevant mailing lists. 


Per Ertzgaard, Linköping

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