Working Committees & Interest Groups

Official working committees and special Interest Groups

During the 2019 meeting in Copenhagen, two special interest groups were accepted as official NoSCoS working committees General Meeting: 

NutriNord_SCI – a Nordic initiative on nutrition for people with spinal cord injury

NutriNord_SCI is a multidisciplinary network for health-professionals interested in or working with areas linked to nutrition and SCI, who want to take part in the development of relevant patient education materials. NutriNord was established at the NoSCoS meeting in Linköping, Sweden, 2017.
  • To exchange and discuss research, challenges, experiences and knowledge on SCI and nutrition and plan mutual projects
  • To strengthen the educational approach on nutrition topics for consumers and health professionals
Want to learn more about NutriNord_SCI and/or join our network? Contact us: (chair), Norway, Sweden, Denmark

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Nordic Network of Spinal Cord Injury Nurses

We concur with the mission of the International Network of Spinal Cord Injury Nurses, but in a Nordic context:
The aim of the SCI Nurse Network is to link Registered Nurses and nursing assistents with each other, share good practice, signpost to useful nursing educational resources, and provide a forum for the inquiring mind. The ultimate goal is to enable and empower Nordic nurses and nursing assistants to provide a high standard of holistic care, working as part of the multi-disciplinary team in integrating men, women and children safely back into their community following a spinal cord injury.
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A Joint Nordic Program for SCI Professional Education

This group has developed an educational program tailored for SCI professionals with some experience, who want to further develop their competencies. The program was established as Nordic Advanced Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Course (NASCIR) and was for the first time offered as a university course (7.5 ECTS points, advanced level) in collaboration with the University of Gothenburg and Ryggmärgsskadecentrum Göteborg. The course combines  both intra- and inter professional approaches, as well as on-site learning with web-based learning. The already established ISCOS e-learning modules are an important resource, as will be cases and scenarios specifically developed for this course. The target group are teams from SCI units with individuals that have relevant experience in the field of SCI rehabilitation. During the NoSCoS 2019 conference, the plans for another course starting in autumn 2020 were presented and accepted.


Special interest group on pediatric SCI rehabilitation

The aim of this group is to establish a multidisciplinary collaboration and a forum for team members to discuss, and generate knowledge regarding rehabilitation of the pediatric population with spinal cord injury.This group for all healthcare professionals (PT, OT, Social worker, psychologist, nurse, physicians and others) interested in and taking part in SCI-rehabilitation of children and adolescents.

The goals for the coming years are to facilitate international cooperation, increase knowledge on pediatric SCI, encourage research, and create a regular Nordic cooperation including further development of the pediatric section of Nordic SCIR.

Per Ertzgaard                 Rikke Middelhede Hansen                  Mona Ström
Sweden                          Denmark                                              Norway


All of you interested in pediatric SCI rehabilitation are welcome to mail Per Ertzgaard
( to be included in relevant mailing lists.
Contact: Per Ertzgaard (, Linköping and Rikke Middelhede Hansen (, Viborg