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We are inviting you to become a member of NoSCoS. As a member, you will have the right to vote at the general meeting and the possibility to get updates on what is going on in the Nordic SCI community.

The membership is free of charge.
Follow the link to register.

At this moment NoSCoS is not offering institutional membership, but if your organisation wants to recieve news and updates from NoSCoS please send an email to info(a) .

Letter from the President, 2023

Dear NoSCoS friends and (potential) members!
Soon it’s been a year since we saw eachother at the live at the vibrant NoSCoS meeting in Stockholm.  I am still high on the energy and joint ambition to fulfill NoSCoS vision – to improve the well-being of persons with spinal cord injury and dysfunction and their close ones in the Nordic countries throughout life!

Our association is continuing its journey towards a more professional organization: We are now an officially registered society with the Swedish Tax Authority and finally do have a proper bank account. Yet, we do not really know, who actually is a member of NoSCoS and who is not. We have had a period where paying the participation fee for a NoSCoS conference automatically meant that you became a member. If you did not come to the next meeting, then you lost your membership. That was no good for continuity. And a lot of potential members that had not been to any NoSCoS meeting didn’t get the chance.

The NoSCoS board has since 2021 had a working group that has worked on a proposal to structure membership. There have been a lot of discussions, e.g.
on institutional membership and membership fees. We have concluded that we should keep things as simple as possible to start with and include as many
members as possible. Hence, there will be only one level of (individual) membership and that will be for free. Due to Swedish tax authorities, in order to know who is entitled to vote at the general meeting and to be able to keep in touch with you, we will need a membership registry.

I am now inviting you to become a member of NoSCoS. The membership is for free. This will give you rights to vote at the general meeting that will be held digitaly on May 4th this year, but also the possiblilty to get updates on what is going on in the Nordic SCI community.
With hope to soon have a lot of registered members,
Yours sincerly
Wolfram Antepohl, MD, PhD

For more information regarding GDPR, please read the pdf.

Any question regarding the membership?  Please get in touch, we will be happy to assist you.

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